Green Dots/White Frogs
Green Dots/White Frogs
Green Dots/White Frogs
Tiny E & The Bee Handmade Masks

Green Dots/White Frogs

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All masks feature a single, 1/4" wide elastic neck strap (slips over the head). Wrap ear loops around ears and slightly pull to measure. When desired length is achieved, tie ear loop to neck strap. Adjust both sides for a comfortable, independent fit; a double knot will permanently affix. You may cut the excess length if you so choose - it's no-fray!

All masks created by Tiny E & The Bee Handmade Masks are reversible and made with two layers of 100% cotton.

Photo shows fabric designs featured on both sides of an individual mask, unique and varying to each product. Non-uniform patterns may be cut along biases or grainlines, ensuring a one-of-a-kind mask with each purchase.

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I recommend this product

These are the best masks for kids, and the ONLY ones we wear as a family now. I have tossed all the others and keep getting more of these. We've had this frog one for nearly a year and it's still looking great with tons of washing. These masks never ever slip down or need adjusting when wearing (no more reminding the kids "pull your mask up!" while they're playing), and don't get lost because they stay around my boys' necks when not in use (no more fishing these out from under car seats). I always get so preoccupied and embarrassed if my kid's nose is showing because the mask slips around while they are running. The other issue with other masks is they get a wet spot from my kids' mouths. These have a domed shape with a seam to keep the structure and a wide range of coverage on the face. I love how easy it is to get a custom fit and still re-tie to make adjustments if needed. My kids both show off the double-sided patterns at school and love how we basically get double the masks from a matching perspective with the reversible patterns. The packaging is so sweet and feels like a real treat to open. Those thoughtful touches make the purchase feel special and truly reminds you it's handmade. Also, the maker is an amazing mama who I'm proud to support!

Stacey B.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Custom Fit

While these masks aren't custom made for each individual person; Stefani provides an ingenious way to make them custom! Her amazing design in how the masks are secured to the face creates a custom made fit. With a single elastic band that goes around the head, the ear loops are tied to the single band to create a snug, perfect fit for your child. This helps eliminate any puckering or slippage! So happy!

United States United States
Who doesn’t love frogs?!

Boy or girl, you really can’t go wrong with frogs! Our 5 year old is slowly transitioning into kids size masks, so we got this one for the next few months as he gears up for larger sizes in school next year. The frogs are great — so fun with a cheery green on the reverse side. It covers his face well, from nose to chin and all around the mouth!

Aja D.
United States United States
So cute and comfy!

We’ve been super worried about our 2.5yo wearing a mask or having to skip out on some things because he refused ALL masks... until these!! These are such a great design it allows him to fix his own mask at 2.5!!!! Wonderful!