Red Grunge/Blue Monsters
Red Grunge/Blue Monsters
Red Grunge/Blue Monsters
Tiny E & The Bee Handmade Masks

Red Grunge/Blue Monsters

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All masks feature a single, 1/4" wide elastic neck strap (slips over the head). Wrap ear loops around ears and slightly pull to measure. When desired length is achieved, tie ear loop to neck strap. Adjust both sides for a comfortable, independent fit; a double knot will permanently affix. You may cut the excess length if you so choose - it's no-fray!

All masks created by Tiny E & The Bee Handmade Masks are reversible and made with two layers of 100% cotton.

Photo shows fabric designs featured on both sides of an individual mask, unique and varying to each product. Non-uniform patterns may be cut along biases or grainlines, ensuring a one-of-a-kind mask with each purchase.

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I recommend this product
Toddler mask that stays on

Okay, not gonna lie. We struggled with this mask style for my toddler. He took issue with me putting it over his head & tying the ear straps. I know I could have just clipped the elastic and made it like traditional ear straps, but I really wanted to see if he would adapt because it's just so much more secure the way it's designed. I'm here to tell you, if you think your kid will come around it is worth it. Overall my son is pretty good about wearing a mask. He usually leaves it alone once it's on his face. But he's also a 2 year old, so there are times when he'd rather play with the mask than wear it. When he's feeling playful with other masks he takes them off and makes you put it back on, then takes it off, then wants it back on, and off and on.... Trying to take off this mask is too much of a pain in the butt for him so my toddler doesn't bother. This mask stays on.

Stacey B.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Highly recommend!

After a year into the pandemic, I've tried all sorts of masks for my son. Even though he's 5, he's very opinionated about the type of masks he wears. He absolutely fell in love with these masks when they finally arrived in the mail! Not only does he love the adorable patterns but he loves that his glasses don't fog when he wears them! If your kiddo wears glasses; I would highly recommend buying these masks. The way Stefani cuts these face coverings is perfect for someone who doesn't want their glasses fogging every time they wear it!

Aja D.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Best toddler mask!!

We’ve tried so many different styles of masks for our 2.5yo and this is the only one he will keep on but it also stays on extremely well with how active he is! Definitely recommend to all with little people especially!

Norma H.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Most comfortable and cutest mask for toddler!

Since the pandemic started I’ve been buying the standard store made masks for my 3 year old. I got these because not only did I love the unique designs but they also seemed very adjustable and comfortable! I was not wrong, my son loves his new masks and they really are the most comfortable masks on him to date! We love the masks! Thank you for doing such a great job with these.